SMS replies from home screen, sent to wrong contact!

Hi, when I’m replying to a SMS, which is in the box on the Home Screen and a new message comes in during that time, then the reply goes to the contact that I have just received and not to the contact that I was replying to! Does this happen on other phones or just a problem with my p

I never experienced this, but then again I don’t receive so many texts.
Right before you send your text, does the box on the home screen - I’m guessing you talk about the pop-up message and not the widget - display the contact you want to send the text to or the one it’s really sent to?

If you have more than one SMS in the pop-up, use the arrows to change between them.

Hiya Paul, many thanks for replying. Yes, it is when I’m replying in the pop-up message box, if another text comes in during the time I’m typing my messege and I HIT send, then the message goes to the latest contact who has texted and not the contact I was replying to in the message box. I’m just trying to work out whether, it’s just my handset or an FP1 problem.

This has happened to me too, but it only happened the once (probably because I rarely receive texts at the same time though I guess)