SMS only showing in homescreen

Hi all,
I hope that someone can help?
SMS messages are showing as being received on my homescreen but when I open it up to read it, it doesn’t display in the conversation (it’s showing the last text that I sent last night but not the one that I received this morning) There used to be two apps for text messages so I was going to try the other one but I haven’t found it?!
Please help; texts are my primary method of communication and get me through dull days at work!!

Which Fairphone OS version are you using?

I don’t know! I haven’t installed anything so Google? I’m not terribly techy and this is something that I struggle with with the FP (but I did a rant about that elsewhere!)

What does it say in Settings - About phone - Build number?

I did wonder if it was something like that that you were asking me for!
FP2-gms-17.06.4 release -keys

Excellent, that tells us it is the standard Fairphone OS with Google mobile services (not Fairphone Open OS, the open source variant without Google services), and it is up to date with the latest version 17.06.4, so far so good :+1:.

I have no clue what could be wrong though, sorry :frowning: .

What is the name of your remaining SMS App?
Did you do an update right before you noticed this message behaviour?

Again, I don’t know! It’s the messages app that came on the phone. There used to be two but one of them has gone now. Sometimes things might work in one SMS app but not the other but I’ve only the one now. It’s happened before and I posted about it in the forum but I’d posted it in the wrong place and so it got moved and I can’t see any replies to my initial message stating that it had been moved so I don’t know how it was resolved before.

That helps. Back in Android 5 (Fairphone OS 16.something) the standard App was named “SMS” or something like that. Now with Android 6 Google switched the standard App to “Android Messages”. Perhaps something went wrong with this switch.

Try installing Android Messages from the Google Store.
If that was already installed, try installing SMS Messaging (AOSP) and have a look whether that works any better.

It’s still there without a solution. It was only moved to the Help category so it would be clearer you need help. Didn’t work back then, I guess, please bear with us.

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It was the AOSP one that disappeared, I’ve reinstalled it but it’s still showing the same as the Android Messages one (the one that I’ve been using)

Having turned the data on I’ve just had some notifications arrive which hadn’t this morning too!

Sorry, I tend to post in the FP2 section but I should post in the Help section.

Googled a bit …
Could it be your message inbox is full? Can you delete some not so important or old messages to see whether that helps?
Are time and date correctly set on your phone? If yes, then some other post there suggests installing Textra as standard App for messaging, but if two different Apps already show the same behaviour, I would be surprised if that actually worked.

My phone’s touch screen has been stopping intermittently a lot recently (every day) and one day when I removed and replaced the battery it reset the time and date. It wouldn’t set the correct date in the automatic setting so I had to set it manually. Weirdly, the last received and sent messages are now showing in my SMS conversation since the calendar righted itself! There are strange goings on! (I forgot about Google; I rely on here for help first and foremost, Google never crossed my mind tbh).

Does not sound so well. You should probably contact support.

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