Sms: google messenger app doesn't work

Hello! I’m having trouble with google’s messenger app on my new Fairphone 2. This is what happened:
->I received a Fairphone 2 days ago
->I sent and received sms messages with the stock SMS/MMS app, it worked.
->II installed messenger, sent and received one sms, it worked.
->disabled SMS/MMS
->now when I try to send sms with messenger, it does nothing. When I touch the send button, it makes a sound, hides the keyboard and empties message text field, but the message I had typed doesn’t appear as sent, it is nowhere, there is no error. Nothing is sent.

I have tried:
->re enabling stock SMS/MMS app
->reinstalling messenger
->I even reinstalled Fairphone OS with a flashable image from fastboot CLI, but when I install messenger the problem is still there.

Do you have any idea of how to solve this? Thank you in advance for your help!

It could be the Privacy Impact.
Try this:
Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

Maybe it’s the app? When I tried Google Messanger, it wouldn’t send my SMS. Textra on the other Hand works just fine.

@Lidwien It was already enabled (box unticked). I disabled it, didn’t work. Re enabled it, didn’t work.

@Jens_Fischer I tried another app and it did work but I didn’t like it. Maybe i’ll find another one but I would really like to know what’s the problem. It can’t just be messenger if it works for everybody else and it worked just fine before I uninstalled SMS/MMS.I couldn’t find anyone with this particular bug on the web.

Thank you for you fast responses.

Same for me Google Messenger and GoSMS does not work. Using ZERO SMS wich works fine but not perfect. When sending to several contacts, I have to select sim-card to use for each recipient. No biggie.

I also can’t use Messenger for SMS, even though I would like to. But my problem is different - it doesn’t show my messages, only new ones. And there’s no setting to change the storage folder.

I feel your pain. I miss the little tick it gives for delivery reports.

I ran into similar problems with Google Messenger here as well. I now use Signal as an alternative: it properly supports dual SIM (remembers the selected SIM for each conversation), and offers encrypted messages with other Signal contacts, see my post:

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