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Hello Fairphoners,

I’d like to know if there’s anyway to use another sms app that the default one when I use two sim cards? I’ve tried QKsms and Silence, but none of these one allowed me to choose the sim when I want to send the message, they both choose the sim in the first slot. In my preferences, I’ve chosen the “always ask” option for calls and sms, but it works only with the default app.
I have one sim for me and one for job, so I like to choose when I send the text message, which sim I’d like to use depending on who I’m sending it to. I’d like to change this app but can’t because of this problem.

Thanks for your help


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Currently I don’t have two SIMs in the phone but I remember that Signal allowed me to select SIM per message.

In Silence just long tap on the paper clip grafik at the bottom right. This allows you to select the SIM.


Thx for that hint.
I’m using silence for years now, but never even tried tapping that paper clip.
Good to know!

Thank you very much. This option is not the most intuitive, but it does the job.
Thanks a lot for yoru fast respond, I hope this discussion will help others who have the same kind of problem

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That’s a really good tip !
Thanks a lot.

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I don´t know about W***app, but this seems to be a more common option as is known.
Silence and Signal does. Probably there are more apps doing that way out there.

Maybe I am mistaking, but I also can recall having to set the related sim sms message option to “ask every time” for this to work as mentioned?

For Silence (and also for Signal) this system setting is irrelevant.

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