SMS and calling won't work abroad

My Fairphone 2 has a weird network problem. When I go abroad (Finland from Sweden) the roaming seems to work fine. I can use the internet and there is a network connection. But as soon as I try to call someone the network disconnects and my calls never go through. SMS messaging will not work either. I only use one sim card in my phone and moving the card to another phone solves the problem. I’m running android 7.1.2 but i had the same issue last summer with the older firmware. Any ideas what could be the problem?

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It would be very important to post what OS you are running.

Thanks. Edited the post.

In other contries there might be other freq. bands, maybe the FP2 doesn’t support these. It would be best to contact your provider and tell them that you’re using a FP2 and if they could check for compatibility

Or you can check for yourself here:

That sounds similar to the issues I had while travelling from Germany to the UK. I Was able to use mobile data but calling did not work.

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