SMB-filetransfer not reliable with FP2

I am in charge of a bunch of Android-devices:
My wife owns a wiko with Android 5.1,
I have a FP2 with Android 5.1,
I have a Wileyfox with Android 5.1, because I need a reliable phone,
another Wiko with Android 4.2 works in the car of my wife as navigation device,
a head-unit with android 5.1 works in our mobile home.

All devices are rooted, use a SD-card with full write-rights and have Osmand installed. For better map-management I have a folder on our home-server, where i stored the downloaded maps for Osmand (about 6GB). That’s one download-session and from there I can fetch the maps with each device. The software I use for that is TotalCommander with SMB-LAN-Plugin.

All devices download the full set of maps without problems but the FP2. I observed stuttering transfer and if the download-rate goes to zero for more than 4 sec, then this seems to be the EndOfFile and the partial downloaded file is stored. And unusable!

This behaviour does not change if I reboot the phone, if I use 2.4GHz, if I use the internal storage. No apps are working at the same time, because all devices are Google-free.

And for those of you who assume the hibernation-mode guilty: a transfer via TotalCommander keeps the phone awake! The distance between the phones and the Wifi-router is 3 meter with only air between (except the head-unit within the car).

Is this a bug, can anyone report similar behaviour? Any solution?

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