Smart Launcher 3 on FP2

Is anyone else using Smart Launcher 3 (Pro) on the FP2?

I am having problems adding generic apps and widgets. It doesn’t work both in the app flower and on the widget screens…
I can’t add any apps for the swipe gestures either. In all cases it lets me select the app I want and then goes back but nothing has changed.
The app itself installed okay and the the standard apps Smart Launcher has a set category for (eg. browser, email, …) work but nothing else.
This is the case with both the free and the Pro version.

Edit: I also tried Nova Launcher and I can’t set any apps to be open via swipe gestures either…

For me SL 3 Pro works just fine, the only Thing that does not work Are most widgets (I can place them on the widget screens But they Are not usable).

Do You have Privacy Impact enabled?


No, I had it disabled and re-enabling it actually solved the problem. Thanks!