Smaller size Smartphone

I do not see a compare section.
Where is it?
How do I compare it? With what do I compare it?

I just found out that Fairphone is a B corporation. I think that’s really cool.,%20

Your search engine will help to compare :wink:

Thank you, I’m terrible with search engines since you cannot search for sentences anymore.

I do concur whit the overall topic. I understand that the manufacturers, such as Fairphone, are complying with the general tendencies. We do see a kind of “the bigger size the best” dictated by the fact most of the internet and cellular phones are trying to match the tendency to have best ratio phones in order to match the needs of video watching. But it is so ridiculous, some of the latest phones turn to be almost tablets. A funny thing wich could summarize like that : Do people having such big phones eat their yogurt with a showell ?
Phone must be still phones, with an overall size matching with normal hands and the ones of someone like Rachmaninoff…

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Given global sales of 1.5 Billion phones sold over each of the last 6 years and that most phones are around 6" then Fairphone are amongst what is popular.

Given the modularity and that components are not all soldered to a main board it is remarkable Fairphone can even work within ‘common’ parameters.

A smaller phone, unlikely and unwanted by the majority. Technically a no go and given the notion of longevity and modularity it would be a backward step to make more that one model.

The only hope is that the FP5, 6,7,8, 9 use the same shell and if not then maybe they can scrape a few millimetres off here and there.

For business as that’s what people want. One day it will be a chip in the brain feeding the optic nerve, until then it’s a hand held screen too big for some too small for others.

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Can’t you? The following link will find your very own sentence and none other.

www. google. com/search?q=“I’m+terrible+with+search+engines+since+you+cannot+search+for+sentences+anymore.”

I’m afraid it’s BigG though, I tried with Qwant and DDG but they didn’t find it, maybe not indexed yet.

I have deliberately altered the URL so that you can clearly see where you’re going before clicking.


What you said is this : we sell big phones because there is a lot of big phones selled, wich is a very poor demonstration. All manufacturers don’t propose an alternative, so how this really partial statistcs based demonstration be valid ?

Some phone makers like Sony tried to sell a smaller smartphone and it didn’t work in terms of sales so why would it work for Fairphone?

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By the way I’m just a user of the Fairphone and this is a user forum, so I and and ‘we’ you imagine here do not sell Faiphone’s.

Fairphone sell phones to a niche market of people who care more about Fair Trade than the size of the phone. Secondly is the notion of sustainability in terms of the longevity of the phone, hence the modularity. This second point largely defines the size of the phone. I’m pretty sure if it could be made a bit smaller Fairphone would have done so, clearly they look at the general market to see what sizes are currently popular.

One of the reasons to remove the 3.5mm jack was they were wanting to save space implying the phone would have to be even bigger if they included it. Similarly they could add seals and another layer of protection against water and dust, but again that would increase the size of the phone.

The general idea is that Fairphone know the limits they have in the design given their finances and people buying phone is their source of income. It’s hard enough finding people who care about Fair Trade enough to spend a lot more money on a technically modest phone. If size is that important then Fair Trade isn’t the priority for some.

It’s the size|depth of their pocket and ethics that seem to be the issues. :slight_smile: