Smaller size Smartphone

A Fairphone “Small” version in my opinion is a must have device in an industry where consumers are pushed to purchase larger phones becoming more and more addicted to their phones.

The potential future “Small” Fairphone features:

  • Between 5.5" & 5.7" screen

  • Advanced energy-efficient screen probably miniLED or microLED

  • Modern energy-efficiency based processor with 5G

  • Innovative solid-state battery

  • A singular but really good camera

  • Priced Fairly - though I mainly created this post fundamentally for the inclusion of a smaller device, considering the investment into R&D of the “Small”, naturally pricing it would be your volition but it would be great if it was on par to Apple’s original SE & Mini.


  • Battery - by the time R&D is finalised for the “Small” version I strongly believe solid-state batteries especially for smaller based devices would be more apparent in the industry as opposed to significantly higher amperage & voltage based solutions i.e for EVs, so I think it would be a available option for the “Small” Fairphone.

  • The Zenphone 10 by Asus has shown to be quite compelling in the past & present but in my opinion what they did wrong was deliver a really compelling product with most if not all the features of much larger phones and it can also be recognized in the pricing such as implementing edge solutions, i.e larger battery, 5.9" screen, larger cameras and not forgetting the leading edge processor by Qualcomm which is the Snapdraggon 8 Gen 2. I mean what were they thinking? I think it’s just too powerful of a processor & feel free to disagree with me but I feel the next best thing from MediaTek would have been great.

  • The iPhone Mini was such a great option & honestly still is but they don’t share the same principals as Fairphone but to be quiet honest not many companies do, which is why I think a solution from Fairphone would be such a brilliant product offering in the market. The Mini’s sales for iPhone was said to have floundered but that was only in comparison to it’s larger phones, fact of the matter is, they sold millions which to them & industry analysts isn’t great enough which is ridiculous. Apple’s “Mini” based users honestly appreciate their phones more & there are still many mini 12 & mini 13 & even SE users that haven’t upgraded their phones at all.

  • Unihertz also offer a mini phone option and they’re great, their sales are also good. However, one thing in my opinion detrimental about them is they arguably don’t provide long enough support for their products and services which when it comes to security, it could be seen as a negative especially as their users get attached to their products. Unlike the American counterparts I’'m not as judgemental towards Chinese companies; I think a lot of them are great, however because of the cultural barrier unfortunately a lot of things can be confused in translation & I feel coming to the western market & exploding with prosperity can be seen as difficult for them when it comes to traditional consumer based solutions, the phone market being a classic example of this, though it does seem to be slowly changing.

Closing remarks:

I would so love to purchase a Fairphone, maybe one through Murena as well to see how their /e/OS works at some point. Once the new CEO at Fairphone transitions to their role, I’d greatly appreciate a conversation into this through this platform & just simply have a few brief conversations about the potential & viability of Fairphone offering a “Small” Fairphone at a Fair price :slight_smile: .

Best regards

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Welcome to the Fairphone community.

Thank you for your thoughts, but in German there is a saying ‘Wash me, but don’t get me wet’. You would like to have a smartphone taylor made to your wishes, made with fairness to the environment and workers, top notch specs, long support time, but priced like a cheap chinese bulk phone :wink: .
I guess that doesn’t work out :slight_smile: .

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In French it’s “wanting the butter, the butter’s money” (meaning the money you’d buy the butter with ; sometimes the milkmaid’s smile is thrown it too)

i don’t know what either miniLED or microLED mean, nor solid state battery ? I want to know more about it

Hi @Incanus love the German saying, love German people even more :smiling_face:

I certainly don’t want a tailor made phone; I’d like a phone a large number of people around the world want without the ios operating system and rather surprisingly which I just found out after you merged my topic which I thought was original, a vast number of Fairphone users also want. Here are the stats for you and the researchers at Fairphone to study should they actually contemplate this -

If you were to collate all the stats pertaining to a mini based mobile phone from the Fairphone community, it has garnered well over 8000 views, well over 170 likes and well over a 130 replies. The first post I think appearing on the forum in July of 2021, the post after that being created in July of 2022 and my post being the last one having no foresight of there ever being a post which I wanted to create in July 2023 but posted this month of August of 2023; so honestly, every year since the release of the Fairphone 3’+’ on Sep 2020, users and people in general having genuinely been desiring a compact phone, again, not necessarily with bells and whistles (as you implied I said, ‘top notch specs…but priced like cheap Chinese phone’), I actually suggested ‘Modern energy-efficiency based processor…pricing it would be your volition but it would be great if it was on par to Apple’s original SE & Mini’ which I made more clear in my ‘Caveats:…Zenphone 10’ anecdote, so not necessarily like the top tier Samsung S’twenties’ with Snapdragon 8 Gens, but just the design aesthetics and principal of the Fairphone brand, my apologies if the point wasn’t made clear :slightly_smiling_face:

I don‘t like the big phones, formerly called Phablets either, but your counts here are a maybe loud, but very small group of people. Even the mini versions of iPhones made only 6 to 7% of the sales figures of all iPhone models, so they are phased out.

And the Zenphone 10 is a small but expensive Smartphone with a top tier SoC. It costs nearly 1.000€.

Hi @koumilak so a lot of cheap but still modern smartphone have LCD technology which has existed for a while now but has matured with some advancements, LED technology, particularly when it comes to smartphones, most top tier phone manufacturers have started to use OLED screens, Samsung and Apple being the obvious examples. The brilliant thing about OLED technology in comparison to the other kind of screen technologies such as the older LCDs is the colours are much more vibrant, the screen brightness is far more greater (even though most people reduce it - in my opinion) and such technologies due to modern advancements come with certain features such as making the black parts of the screens appear fully black by essentially turning those parts of the pixels off, I read this was part of microLED technology as it has the ability to turn of each individual pixel but honestly I couldn’t understand the actually difference between them regarding this, supposedly, wherever you see the colour black you can generally assume that the reason why the blacks are much more sharper if that makes sense is not because the pixel has turned the colour black but the pixels (each LED) have actually turned off, naturally this makes it more energy-efficient but generally it also looks nicer. miniLED and microLED are essentially advancements of that technology, they essentially have much more LEDs than the preceding tech with number of additional features. It would be a little off topic if I made this any longer :slight_smile:

One thing to note, because they haven’t scaled as much as modern LCDs and OLEDs, they are still rather expensive in comparison.

As for solid state batteries, they essentially do away with the liquid electrolyte which is literally in ever lithium based advanced battery and replace it with a much more efficient solid electrolyte which increases the energy density significantly, by two fold, in some research by even threefold.

Okay, in one holiday season it was reported that Apple sold 40 million iPhone 13 units, in addition, I think this report was in reference to the introduction of the iPhone 13 to (i think) the full quarters end that it intended to sell 300 million units at the end of the fiscal or general years end 2022, 300 million units! I think the SE and the Mini stats should be combined (based on the idea of a small phone argument) and I do agree with you based on the reports the sales were around 10%, however, both models weren’t phased out by the way as you state, they continue to sell them officially. In dollar terms and taking the cost of the cheapest non SE version phone, 300 million units would account to just under 165 billion, divide that by 10 (10%) would give you a sum of just over 16 billion. Regardless of the fact the Mini and SE accounted for a smaller number of sales in comparison to the couple of inches larger phones, it still did sell, it still does sell and it is still appreciated by Apple users and non Apple users.

That is exactly my point and that was my original point in reference to my “Caveats:”.
It is still slightly larger, it uses an edge (latest and greatest) processor (not a compliment), it costs around 750 Pounds - 870 Euros - 950 Dollars. I did sort of present it as a negative as well :sweat_smile:

But it’s still the same, if only 7% of the customers want a smaller versions, it’s to expensive for the manufacture to develop it. Especially if we are talking about Fairphone, selling only a fraction of the iPhone figures.

In addition all this was already discussed up and down and up again. It won’t change.

Hi there! Just clicked an account to +1 the topic – I’m still using the Fairphone 1 for its superior form factor (and because it never failed me) but now some basic Apps i’m using drop Android 4 support…

However i can completely understand the “choice” (it is not a choice at all, given market and manufacturer constraints) to follow the main trend of ever growing devices – which, in turn, seems to reflect the change of usage behavior: users tend to consume more and more video content on mobile devices.

Sorry for derailing the topic, but I think that phones getting bigger is actually the least harmful effect of this trend… it may further lead to a range of societal effects, including reduced attention spans, information overload, social isolation, filter bubbles, privacy concerns, mental health issues, the spread of disinformation, digital addiction, declining productivity, and cultural shifts.

In the meantime, i’ll further use my Fairphone 1.


The FP2 is larger than the FP1 but still “reasonable” to my mind: 173 g, 160 mm diagonal overall. You could get a second-hand one running /e/ or Lineage which would get you to Android 11 :smiley: - probably Ok for your apps. Keep an eye on the “Market” category.

In my opinion, it already has led to societal effects.

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Apple stops the iPhone 13 mini due to few sales (source :
Apple kills the iPhone mini, here are the prices of older iPhones, Apple Watches - news and iPhone mini, una breve storia: dopo tre anni esce definitivamente di scena).

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I understand that due to market trends the current sizes might be unavoidable, and I guess a modular phone would be hard to scale down.

Coming from an iPhone 8 I must say though: the FP5 is a gigantic machine. This size is so impractical that “mobile” got a lot less mobile than it used to be. I’m honestly not sure how to carry this thing around, as it barely fits in any pocket.

So yes, I hope that if this phone lasts for 8 or so years that there will be a smaller one to follow it up by then.

Hi there,

I wanted to let people know that the activity on this thread doesn’t fully represent everyone’s opinion on the matter. Some people fully agree on the point of having a smaller Fairphone but won’t make an account to react.

Also, less profitable selling numbers for smaller phones (i.e. Iphone mini) are not proof that small phones are not popular. Some people just don’t like Apple products and wouldn’t buy them anyway.

Question for Fairphone as a company; In what circumstances would you proceed on creating a smaller Fairphone? What would convince you to do so and how would you get that information?

P.S. I was on the verge of buying a FP5, the size held me back.

Hi and welcome to the comnunity forum.

Please remind the forum is lead by user like you, official requests to FP have to be adressed via official channels.

Else should you understand German, Shiftphones explained more than once why smaller sized phones are no option (any longer/at the moment).

There is small and small. I don’t think most of the people would now be happy with a 4,5 inches screen but I would be happy with only 6" and not the huge size the FP5 has.

In terms of thickness I see quite some room for improvement.
But the screen size is something I would not like to miss. A few days ago I used my old Samsung S3 again (installed an actual LOS) as phone for my secondary Google account and I found the screen by far to small :smiley:

Apple is comparing the selling numbers of the mini versions with other iPhones, not with different brands. So although the mini was around 100$ cheaper than the standard one and having the same technical specs (besides Display of course and battery), it was sold in numbers that were not big enough to keep the version alive.


I find today’s mobile phones too big to pocket. 20 years ago, phones were around 5" 16:9 format, which is ideal to operate on with one hand. I have come across the OneDevice project and I must say, the author has a point. I would buy a current phone of this size instantly.
I am wondering, if Fairphone were to build a compact phone, would people want this?

Welcome to the community forum

This discussion never gets old … multiple topics about this came and went without a smaller phone in sight.

With wanting a smaller Fairphone you are putting yourself into a niche (smaller phone) within a niche (Fairphone). Vendors like e.g. Apple or Samsung with their masses and masses of sold phones are in a much better position to cater to the niche of small phones besides their main sales. And Apple ended the iPhone mini line not so long ago, why would they do this?

I would not be entirely hopeless about a Fairphone 5 mini or something in this regard, because the support timeframe for the Fairphone 5 is just so long that Fairphone might be tempted to roll out a smaller version somewhen, if it could be done with the limited resources of the small company and reuse most of the original modules.
But I think I saw some Fairphone statement somewhere in the past which said user polls or else suggested that the size was not a primary concern of most users. Dare me to find it now, though.

Therefore moved here…

Edit: to add my broken record: you will not find any manufacturer producing a fitting display etc and technology like 5G etc needs space. So for me personally its completley unlikely Fairphone will ever produce a Fairphone (5) mini