Slowly dying mainboard - my second try already

I have an annoying problem with my already second Fairphone 2: I have the feeling my motherboard keeps on dying slowly… My first Fairphone 2 had a broken SIM-slot during warranty so I got a completely new phone (answer from Fairphone: as the SIM-slot is part of the mainboard which is one component and unrepairable we have to give you a new phone…)
Now about a year later an almost similiar problem started: This time the SD-Slot is broken - also located on the Mainboard. Since I’m out of warranty since a year Fairphone didn’t want to help this time although the phone itself is about a year old!!
And since about two month I realize the my phone seems to be dying slowly but continuously! It’s loosing WLAN-signal more and more, it reboots with default screen about every to days, connectivity is bad in general and getting worse, SD-Slot keeps on being broken.
I’m really thinking about kicking this phone and getting another one which is not Fairphone also I really love the fair-idea! Anyway stability and funcionallity have to be offered!!
Is there anybody experiencing something similar and could give me some advice ?

Read the warranty terms carefully. There is a chance that the warranty time starts again with receiving the replacement phone. At least according to German law that’s the case, don’t know how this is in NL and with FP in particular if you have bought the phone there directly.

Hallo Ceci,
what on the SD slot is dying slowly? Is maybe the SD card itself causing the problem? did you try another one?
As a typical breakdown of a component, like the SD slot, is suddenly not working (correct), but slowly?

As the FP2 is a modular phone, your problems could be connection problems between the seperate modules. One antenna, for example, is in the bottom module. It could help, if you disassemble it and clean the contacts carefully with a little alcohol on a clean cloth.

AFAIK in The Netherlands that’s not the case. I much prefer the German law in this case. If you get unlucky you get 2 times 1,5 years working device. However, one should note that the warranty is not void after 2 years. If you buy a device which you could reasonably expect to last long such as a Miele washing machine and it breaks after 2 years and 2 months you could very likely receive warranty, by law.

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Thanks for your advice! I read the warranty terms and I am now using the EU-warranty recommendations for replaced objects…which should be again two years. Up to now Fairphone doesn’t want to give in…
@ElKrasso: I already tried all of your hints… I even reset the phone 2 times already to be sure it’s not a software problem… Changing SD cards and brands of SD cards as well of cause… cleaning contacts…

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