Slow mobile internet

Hi guys,

since I switched to Lineage OS (from FPOS) I only got very slow mobile internet (only ever “E” showing) and this is very annoying.

This is the situation:

I use two sim cards, one from Germany and one from Sweden. I live in Sweden. My German sim card has the better contract with so I am using this one. For that reason I deactivated mobile data on the swedish card. When I am not in a wlan I only ever get a very bad connection and the phone shows me “E”.

To test if it’s a problem with the german card I got a LTE service on the swedish card. I activated the Swedish and deactivated the German card. Directly after switching I got “LTE” shown, but now it is back to “E” and also a speedtest confirms that.

I was also back in Germany and had the same problem there.

I switched from FPOS to Lineage here in Sweden so originally I thought it might be a problem with the german card. But with the visit in Germany and now with the Swedish card I don’t know if that is so likely.

What also ist problem (I do not know if it is related but I wanted to mention it) is that it after moving out of a WLAN sometimes I do not get any internet connection. The only “fix” seems to be to restart the phone (flight mode doesn’t) help.

Does anyone else know this problem?

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Same here, after some days I have to restart the phone to get back mobile data :frowning:

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In LineageOS I have usually two SIM cards activated.

The one with which I use data most, takes a short while to “migrate” from E to 3G and a far longer while to get finally to LTE. No clue why it behaves like that. But if I wait for a few hours after starting the phone, I get what I want. Once settled, it doesn’t get slow again when not moving and continouing to use LTE.

The other SIM gets quite instantly LTE when it is alone in the device.

I currently can’t tell what happens when I take out the SIM with which everything works instantly.

Hey, I have simillar issues, but my phone is on FPO. I observed that mobile internet, sometimes public wifi as well, gets a way stronger connection once I plug in a powerbank or the charger in my van. This makes me think that it could be a hardware issue? Not at all sure though…

Just to confirm, I get this too, with the emphasis on sometimes. No obvious pattern of why it happens.

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The last few days I got mostly LTE when I got out of the WLAN.
But is does not work all the time; additionally the battery now does not even hold 24 hours, more like 19 without showing me any explanation. The highest consumer is shown as WLAN with 11%, everything else is way less; and I barely used the phone, so there is no obvious reason why the battery would drop that quickly.

This whole behaviour seems very curious to me. Could it be that the hardware and the software are not communicating very well?

I really like lineage and would like to keep using it, but if no one has an idea about what is going on I fear I will have to switch to the nomral OS :frowning:

Or you could wait till the update to android 7 is there.

I kind of need a reliable phone, so I do not know if I can wait.
Also, the reason why I want to use Lineage is because I can use the minimum amout of google (I use it with MicroG).

There will be android 7 in open version as we have now on android 6 for the Fairphone.
I thought LineageOS was only developed because there was no open version of android 7.
Fairphone will release android 7 with google and android 7 open.

No, that is not the only reason for LineageOS. It has much more settings than the the FP OS (both of them). It would be able to also have the same for FP OS but with much more work.

Also, from experience it will take a while until the FPOOS version will be avaiable.

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Android 6 was released as Fairphone OS 17.04.8 on April 25, 2017.
Android 6 was released as Fairphone Open OS 17.06.4 on June 16, 2017.
Ok, that could have gone better, but in hindsight I cannot see it as overly dramatic.

Anyway … For a while now Fairphone have streamlined the release process so that the Fairphone Open OS OTA updates get rolled out almost simultanously with Fairphone OS OTA updates, just check the last releases.
In fact, since this streamlining the manual installation download page of Fairphone Open OS here “notoriously” gets populated with new versions days earlier than the manual download pages for Fairphone OS here and here.

We’ll just have to see how it goes this time, I guess, but there’s currently no reason to be so pessimistic :wink: .

Sorry, I do not want to be rude here, but what has this discussion to do with my original question?

It is good to know that the FPOOS releases are now very close to the FPOS ones, but I would rather use neither of them, for several reasons.

Ideally I would like to use Lineage, if someone has an idea where these problems come from.

LineageOS is Android 7, Fairphone OS (both of them) are currently still Android 6.
When Fairphone OS (both of them) will be Android 7, at least Fairphone Open OS should have all those settings LineageOS has, too, and they will be officially supported. That was @Lidwien’s point (I think) …

… and the coming up Android 7 Fairphone Open OS is relevant for your original question because with officially supported OSes you could turn to Fairphone for solutions, and if they can’t find anything else, ultimately they would have to come up with something like swapping parts or your whole phone.
With LineageOS you don’t have that kind of support.

So what’s your priority?

That doesn’t quite match, does it? You are using a not officially supported OS supplying automatic nightly builds without a beta testing process before release.
That LineageOS works so well in general is a huge applaudable achievement of everybody actively involved … but there are no guarantees.

So, if somebody suggests using Fairphone Open OS instead, especially when it will catch up feature-wise to LineageOS hopefully reasonably soon, it’s only honouring your own priority and not sidetracking.

Back to the original question …


I ran into this problem too. Due to technical limitations beyond my understanding (modem?, modem OS?, android?, lineage?) with two SIM cards plugged in you have to set the other (non-mobile-data-) SIM card to “2G”.

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Cyanogenmod always had much more functions than e.g. the stock FPOS, independent of the Android-Version it was based on. To my knowledge that ist still the same for Lineage, e.g. customizability and just in general much more settings. So no, an upgrade to 7 will most likely not be equivalent to Lineage.

Otherwise the argument would be absolut valid.

As I mentioned, if I do not find a solution, I will switch back, following the exact same logic.

I am running the latest build since yesterday.

The point with the antenna connections is very interesting, thank you for forwarding the link. I also have these issues during phone calls. I do not talk on the phone very often, so my sample size is rather limited. And so far I thought it might be because I am using the german card in Sweden. Which might still be the reason.
At the same time when I switched to Lineage I also changed the cameras. So maybe I did indeed losen something in there.

I just took the phone apart and checked the antenna connections. Nothing was seemingly lose but I tried to clean it an push it a little bit anyway; I also cleaned all the connections in the phone I could reach.

I restarted the phone: The swedish card works right away and fast; the german takes much longer for finding the signal and does not switch to mobile data.
I will test this week how WLAN and switching back and forth works. If the swedish card now works fine then maybe it is just related to the german SIM or with the card slot.

Yes I am aware of this issue. Unfortunately lineage allows both cards to be set at LTE, but I changed everything manually.

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Swapping the slots for the cards is a good idea for testing.

Other thoughts …

Do you use a genuine micro SIM or do you use a nano SIM in a micro SIM adapter? That could mean trouble.

How old is your SIM card? An exchange could be worth a try, but costs money.

Do you know somebody with a relatively new German SIM card you could try in your phone for testing? Or any #fairphoneangels you could reach when in Germany?

Yes I should try swapping the cards.

The LTE seems to be stable, at least over the last few days.

This morning I had it again that it didn’t switch from wireless to mobile net. After restarting it works normally.

Energy consumption seems back to normal.

Yesterday it went to energy saving mode. Maybe it’s somehow related to that, that it doesn’t properly switch back to normal? Purely guessing here.

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