Slow Edge connection and delays in making calls

Hi, is anyone else on here with Virgin Mobile in the UK?
I have recently updated to 4G, and since putting the 4G Sim in, my data rate is worse than the old dial-up on my first computer.
I have contacted Virgin, they have checked the phone settings, they have checked my local mast, and they can’t find any problems. I have re-booted many times. I have cleaned the SIM as suggested. They have even sent me a new SIM, and putting that in today has made no difference. They are now telling me it is my phone.

Has anyone else had similar problems and do you know anything else I can try?

Also, though not linked to the new Sim or 4G, it seems to be taking longer for any calls to go through. It says “dialling” on the screen, yet can be 15-30 seconds before i get a ring tone. When connected to the car (VW Golf), calls made via Bluetooth inevitably fail first time, and then connect 30 seconds later.

Having had and still have the 3 bright spots on the screen, and sent my phone back, and also had the dead microphone syndrome, i am beginning to lose faith in this phone, which is a shame as i still believe in the idea!

Any help gratefully received.

Thanks, Phil

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“Slow Edge connection”…: EDGE is not to be confused with 4G. An EDGE connection will always be way way slower than 4G - Usually around 128Kbs, maybe more.
So if your phone tells you you are on EDGE, then you might be more or less literally at the edge of good mobile data coverage.
Virgin Mobile UK uses EE as their carrier. EE seems to focus pretty much on urban coverage. My first contract with The PhoneCoop was using EE as well and I had no acceptable signal at all. Since The PhoneCoop changed my contract to one using Vodafone as carrier I have much better call quality and signal in our area (Forres / Scotland).

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Is the SIM slot with the Virgin Mobile module is set to 4G mode? If you have two SIM cards, one of them can be set to 3G/4G, the other one will only get 2G coverage. You can choose which one gets 3G/4G connectivity in the phone’s settings -> mobile data usage -> Cellular network settings

Thank you, that seems to have solved the slow connection.

Thanks for the explanation, now seems to be resolved.

I changed my provider to a sub-provider of the same i had before and don’t get more than EDGE.
What can i do?

See the posts above, please.

seams like for my problem i wasn’t able to change the 2G to 3/4G until i one rebooted and then set it. After that i was not able to receive more than 2G until i rebooted another time. Think that might be the same on Lolypop but not shown because of icon missbehaveing. On Marshmallow i seen 2G and it didn’t change. Possible also that it took a Night to resolve it… Its now working on 4G, so fixed…

If you use two SIM cards, you have to set the other SIM card to “2G only” first. After that, you will be able to set your desired SIM card to 3G/4G.

(And you can only use one SIM card with 3G/4G.)