Slow charging/fast draining FP4 battery

Hello Fairphone Users

i bought a new FP4 a bit over a week ago and im not sure if its battery life and charging speed is normal.

I have a e-Sim and a nano-Sim, most of the time im connected to a Wifi.

The battery drained from 100% down to almost 50% within 1h30 of watching Youtube and some Discord chatting.

After that i left it on the table, just the occasional whatsapp or discord use, 3h later it was at 17%.

Then i plugged it in, into a front USB of my PC, probably 500mA. After another hour it was down to 12%.

So i changed the port to one of my USB-Hub, 1A output. Its on there for the last 4h and its gone up by 1(one)%.

I am totally aware that these are not fast charge ports and i dont expect wonders from charging on a 500mA port, but im just curious if this is normal or not?

Greetings, Chris

Not normal at all, I think.
Stock FP4 ROM or other OS?
For me a Thin client PC charge battery very slow but no draining effect.
I think you have charged your phone in this week: normal behavior?

Edit: take a look at the settings->battery to find apps working in background or in the accounts section for too frequently synchronization.

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Thats the first step you should check.
3 Dot Menu in the upper right corner “Batterie usage” to see what apps are using your batterie
And there in the upper corner “Show full device usage” to see details.

Because, your datterie drain is not normal

So i checked the full device usage before, and there was nothing standing out in particular.

However i think i found the culprit. All the Apps i have on the FP4 now have been on my previous phones, except for Parallels Acces, the App i used to clone Whatsapp. So i uninstalled that the evening i wrote my first post. Yesterday battery drain was way better, in the vening i still had 33% left , and my phone usage was comparable for both days.

Now i installed WA Business for my company number. This is how it looks so far today:

I keep an eye out on the battery drain


Use a proper cable and charger. For details, see > FP4. Charge your phone – Support (

Best wishes,

I ordered a Fairphone cable together with the phone itself, this one: Fairphone 3/3+ - USB-C 2.0 Kabel | Fairphone

According to the Guide you linked i can see that 500mA is not officially supported, im fine with that and i will use the 1A ports from now on.
But still, i would have expected a bit more than 1% gain in 4h on a 1A port.

Overnight i use a 2.6A QC3 wall charger, so it always had 100% in the morning.

I think the main problem was not the slow charging, it was rather that Parallels Access App that used more power than those ports could deliver.

Thanks for the link.


The draining reported at the beginning was definitely bad. But as you wrote you bought the phone a week ago - wait for a few weeks until the phone properly profiles the battery, then the charge estimates should better reflect reality (both the percentage of the battery and the estimated battery life).

I’m able to charge my FP4 from a non-charging USB 3, which is 900 mA max according to the standard. But it takes about 6-8 hours to charge from 10% to 100%.

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