Sloooow mobile internet (new fp4)

Hi there,
I have a new Fairphone 4 with T-Mobile provider (Netherlands). When i am outside (so no wifi)… the internet speed is very very slooow.

Is this a software issue or something else?


Hi and welcome to the forum.
Have you set the correct item in the net list in the network system settings?

the wifi is working, but maybe you don’t mean that? (how did you get to those config?)

Hi @myrok24, I’m on eOS, maybe configuration is a little bit different.
BTW, I don’t mean wifi: you should find this specific in Settings>Net and Internet>your provider>Advanced>Preferred net.
This is the translation of my italian menu, maybe not totally equals to your.

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I think on the standard system its just called 5G/4G etc …

@myrok24 what does the status bar show when mobile data are connected? 4G/LTE or less or even 5G?

when i am outside is says 5g

:thinking: My phone reports 5G even if the network provider explain that this technology is yet unavailable in my town.

That’s a whole different “problem” :wink:

Preffered networktype is 5g/4g/3g/2g
And phone network is set tot auto connect.

Accespoints (apn): screenshot.

With “slow” you probably mean still much slower than mentioned here, right?

Wow wat a long Read :wink: something about changing the sim… of sending the phone back. Mmm

Yes, sorry, you’re right. But it may be a completely different case. I just mentioned it because mobile internet was also unexpectedly slow in this case…

I get a pretty good Internet connection. Also using T-Mobile in NL, Amsterdam area. New SIM card, using FP4. My only issue is the call quality. Sounds choppy and robotic, people have a hard time hearing me.

stupid stupid me… i just discovered that my internet bundle is (still) empty, because of a vacation :grimacing: (i thought it was already full.)

In 2 days it’s full, so i wil keep this topic open till then (you never know…)

sry guys for asking help…


This is the best solution :wink: