Slim Case - Reboots and Button-Issues

We had our Aachen Fairphoners Meeting on friday with four or five FP2s with slim cases present. None had experienced the jammed power button. I myself actually wanted to reproduce this problem and tried it with the CFP2 – and I failed! :smiley:


I have a slim one (since three weeks) and I don’t have any reboots.

So, it seems to be only a few exceptions.


Thanks for the fast replies :smiley: Then I’ll get a slim one and will report back, if any issue occurs.

I also experience the problems with the power-button. Don’t want to grumble but I find it pretty uncool that the slimcase which I bought because my old one broke after 9 months of use comes with a serious problem. I don’t want to change the buttons because having an inaccurate camera-button not seems to be a real solution in my eyes!

I have also had this issue. As soon as I switched to a slim case I have reboots several times a day. It had never happened before. I think it’s the power button sticking.

I have swapped the buttons in the hope that will fix it.

Update: My phone hasn’t restarted itself since I swapped the buttons (it was happening a couple of times a day before).


Taking a close look at my new cover, I discovered that it seems the case is a little miss aligned to the camera of my phone. On the bottom side there is a little gap while it sits very tight at the top.
Maybe this pushes the bottom part of the case a little bit upwards and by that jams the buttons which are attached to the top part of the case?


I have also been having problems with this, which started after getting the slim cover early this year. The trigger may be mechanical pressure - eg carried an outer pocket of a handbag along with other packages. The reboots generally do stop without removing the battery, but are alarming and take a long time to recover as all the apps are “optimised” once it decides to work.
I have not tried the paper fix. Will bear it in mind but this is really not what I want to do. I chose a Fairphone to support the ethics, not because I want to take it to pieces. It is also not a fix that can be applied while eg on a crowded train.
I have managed to conceal my frustration and embarrassment from non-FP using friends so far, but until this is fixed it is impossible for me to recommend it.

I moved your post here as you say it started happening when you switched to the slim case.

Either way this can be easily fixed by yourself - in this case: switch the power and camera buttons. Neither is a fix that can easily be applied in a crowded train, but what’s the probability of this issue first occurring on a train anyway? You only have to do the fix once.

I tested the slim case for a while, but the power button was totally missing the “pressure point” it normally has with the regular case, I never knew from the button feedback alone whether I pressed enough or at all, I could only check whether something happened on the screen. Apart from that I had no problem with the slim case, but I went back to the regular bumper case for now.

Switching the power and camera buttons is a nice idea, I will try that as soon as I get a protective case to put the slim-cased phone in.
It is not so very easy to find Fairphone-tailored, non-generic ones (will check out a generic one from eBay and a non-generic one from

Thanks for moving my post - this is clearly the relevant thread, though it only occurred to me on reading the previous one that the case might be the cause. I innocently thought it was just a cosmetic change!.The photo from Zorugal is interesting. Mine looks similar - tight at top of camera hole and small gap at bottom. Also agree with AnotherElk that an additional protective case would be v useful, eg when travelling.

Hi all, i had the same problems with the boot loop. But changing the buttons helped to fix this. Thx to all!

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Ok. I got my new case today. I had the same problem with reboots. I found the tips in the forum. And I swapped the buttons. Let´s see if it will work…
What I don´t understand is how fairphone still sells the cases with the crap buttons without telling us about the problem.
Sometimes it is funny to be part of this community, but sometimes I don´t have the time for it and to be honest I am starting to get a little fed up with this phone and the fact that I have to look for troubleshooting in the forum almost every month.


A huge thumbs up for the button switching trick, it really works!
I have the phone in the slim case in a flip case now with the buttons switched, and the ex-camera-now-power button finally works like it should in the slim case. Great stuff.

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Received my new case yesterday put it on immediately. 4 intempestive reboots today…

I switched the buttons, will keep you posted. I have high hopes!

No reboot today.
Not only swapping worked but the camera button is usable as with my old case.


Did you get enough covers to investigate? Because I received mine yesterday and for me the phone reboots constantly. I got it to work once for a few minutes (don’t know what I did differently), but then the power button got stuck again after a few uses and it started rebooting again. The phone doesn’t even have time to boot up properly. Just shows the Fairphone screen and then goes dark again, because here comes another hard reboot… Would love to swap for another cover.


And to be honest, I’m actually getting mad here. As if it isn’t enough that I need to stick a piece of paper into my 500 Euro smartphone, to keep it from rebooting every other time I sit down… now this.
I will NOT attempt to switch the buttons of my slim case. I mean, I have been using Linux for quite a while, I’m pretty fine with things not working out of the box. But this is just bloody ridiculous. The original cover is falling apart after a year and a new cover makes the phone completely unusable? WTF.
Sorry for the non-constructive criticism, delete this post if you want. But I’m getting frustrated here and I really needed to vent… :angry:


Did you already contact Fairphone support about both your cover issues? A pain, I know, but based on some of the posts scattered around the forum they do seem to be quite good about sending out replacements under warranty…


@peret, I completely agree with you and recognize your frustration! I have luckily not experienced the sudden reboot issue so far. What I can advice you is to just contact the customer care department of Fairphone via the website i.e. you bought a +/+ € 500 phone from this company so you deserve it that they respect your rights as a customer. I have called them about something else a while ago and response was good.


I will NOT attempt to switch the buttons of my slim case. I mean, I have been using Linux for quite a while, I’m pretty fine with things not working out of the box. But this is just bloody ridiculous.

I’m a bit lost here. So you are saying you ordered a basket of apples and a basket of oranges online to gift to two friends - one who likes apples and one who likes oranges. You received the two baskets but in the basket of apples there is one orange and in the basket of oranges there is one apple.
Now you refuse to switch the two misplaced fruits but rather send both baskets back and demand to get two new baskets?