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I just received a new FP2. It’s my third after a warranty replacement and a toilet dip disaster. Anyway, I’m very happy to have a Fairphone again, even though it still exhibits many of the perennial problems discussed across the forum.

The one difference is that I now have one of the slim cases. I like the feel and look. It does seem a lot sleeker and less chunky. But there’s one downside. It makes a horrible (and embarrassing) rattling sound when the phone vibrates. Somewhere between the quack of a duck and the moo of a cow.

If I hold the phone tight, it doesn’t rattle. So it seems to be because the case does not sit tight enough.

I’d appreciate any ideas for stopping the noise without having to turn vibrate off.


That can easily be determined: Take the cover off and let the phone vibrate - is the sound gone? If yes put the cover back again, making sure it fits right. If not dismantle the phone further and put it back together again making sure all modules are connected well.

Sounds like my daughter would love the slim case very much! :joy:


The noise is definitely because of the case. Without the back cover, the vibration makes the expected noise. When I hold the phone tight on the sides (with the cover on) the vibration does not rattle, which is what makes me think the case is probably not tight enough. The case is properly in place and I am not able to adjust it.

You could press the case at different location to determine where it’s not tight. At this location, just put some sheets of paper, this should be enough to silent the fauna.

I just ordered the Slim Case for my FP2, so I can test this out soon :wink:


I also have the noise problem…
same as ChrisSampson87 if i hold the phone really tight, it work, but else…
What should i do ? another DIY solution ? warranty ?

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Thanks, @Elipsus. Do you also find that the buttons don’t work very easily? Particularly the ‘volume-up’ button.

The feeling with the buttons is, in general, not really good, it feels less “clean” when i press it than with the regular cover
My volume button is ok tough…it could be much better.


So far I do not have “noise” problems with my new slim cover.

I have the same problem and the terrible buttons. The new slim back seems to be just cheaply made. It makes my phone unusable, at one point the power button just remained pressed in causing my phone to constantly reboot.

It has made my lovely phone look like a every other cheap phone (the silver logo is very tacky)

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I was sent a replacement and the replacement does not suffer from this problem, so it seems to have been a manufacturing flaw.

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