Slight noise on right earbud

Most of the time when my fairbuds are turned on, I get a slight noise sound on one of them.
If I open the fairbuds app, the noise changes and becomes much more noticeable. Luckily closing the app makes it go back to the “slight noise normal”.

Does anyone else have this issue? Is it something that could be improved in an update?

Im using them connected to my iPhone 11.

Had this happen as well on Android. For me however, it was my left earbud.
Resetting them by putting them in the case, pressing the case button for 10 seconds and then closing the case for 5 seconds fixed the white noise.

This didn´t fix the issue, I was only using one of the buds and as soon as I wanted to put the other in the white noise came back way louder.
It’s really ruining the listening experience for me.

I suggest you contact customer support. There have been reports of similar problems with the Fairbuds on this forum, but only some were solved by firmware updates.