Sleeping mode in 2 minutes

Normally I want my FP2 to enter sleeping mode after 2 minutes. But sometimes I need to have an active screen for longer. Since Android 6.0, even when I choose (in screen settings) sleeping mode to be entered after 10 minutes or so, the screen always turns black after the same 2 minutes.

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My FP2 turns to sleep mode after 25 sec regardless of all screen settings I change!
This is very annoying!
I turned off energy saving, nothing helps.
My wife has also a FP2 and I compared settings, I found no difference…

I have the same problem. Fairphone goes into sleep mode after 30s since Android 6 update. No matter which settings I use. At the moment the only help is an APP called “Screebl” which blocks the sleep mode depending on the angle the phone is held.

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