Since update, data deleted and apps cannot run

Hi, since I made the update this morning :

  • My contacts were deleted

  • Most of my apps don’t work anymore

  • The other apps have simply disappeared.

I’m on a Fairphone 2, with the lastest update. I tried to look into my SD Card, but I cannot access it unless I delete all of its content (which I refuse to do), so I removed it. Then I tried to use Easeus for Android, but I cannot root my phone (and I read about how FP refused to make rooting simple for users, what a good idea…).

Hey Koji, welcome to the forum.

Please use the search function (little magnifying glass in the top right corner) and you’ll find that for two of your issues you describe topics already exist, and also that it actually IS super easy to root the FP2, because Fairphone built in no barriers at all.

Only the “apps don’t work” issue sounds new to me, although it’s hard to tell without additional info. What’s wrong with these apps?

Yeah I tried that, and everytime I try to root it, I get an error message.
For the apps, I get a “Application XXX has stopped working”.
How can I at least get my contacts back ?

Oh sorry, about the deleted contacts only a german topic exists and there doesn’t seem to be a magic solution. If you don’t have them in a cloud or backed up somewhere else then you’re out of luck.

What does the error message say?

About the apps, if they were stored on an external SD card please look here.

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