Since the update I'm not able to take any calls

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Since the update from 19.5.2020 Im not able to take my calls. Its not even ringing. I see the calls on my phone and take it as ususal but it doesnt work. It takes a minute and the app shows an error. If I do a call it works sometimes and sometimes not. I can always choose the number and on the display everything seems normal, but it doesnt call and then it just ends the call by itself.
When I do it a couple of times it mostly works. But it is still anoying.

Does anyone else have the same problem since the update?

Please I need support as soon as possible, because I use FP3 as my bussines phone and have nothing else.


Hi Cleo,

please check if you have disabled notifications for the phone app under Settings > Apps & Permissions:


Best wishes,