Since Nougat update I can't catch Pokemon anymore

This is astounding and even a bit magic (like in a Harry Potter formula: "click 7 times on Build Number and small messages going along the progression). The way-around found by FairPhone does work and is far easier to install than the solution kindly offered by AnotherElk (downgrade / install Lineage). The fact that the FairPhone team eventually considered the problem (who had been worsening for a year: first damage: I could not catch pokemons but had access to other functions of the game. Second damage recently: the game crashed at entry) and found a workable solution is changing my mind about buying a FP3 (and recycle this one with the program of 40 euros voucher). Thank you for the work done.

Thank you for posting the instructions here. :grinning: This workaround is easy and seems to fix the problem -> PoGo doesn’t crash anymore after launching the app AND it doesn’t crash when trying to catch a pokemon either. I’m happy that I can finally enjoy the game again! :star_struck:

Thanks so much for this fix! PoGo doesn’t crash anymore. :relaxed:
Finally I can upgrade to Android 7 again. Since my downgrade to Android 6 I had a lot o issues with the performance of my phone.

After a while playing opnieuw Pokemon Go on my FP2, I confirm that everything is running absolutely smoothly since the FP team released its smart experimental fix. Bravo and thanks again.

I came to the forum to look for a solution to a recent problem on my FP2 (totally unrelated to this).
Remember this thread, even if I didn’t play this game for 9 months due to the bug.
Out of curiosity, I looked for the thread and read the comments.
See the fix and try it.
Now I’m able to play PokemonGo again (and there goes my abstinence lol)

And I’m confused by some changes in the game :rofl:


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