Since few days regularly not hearing caller and vice versa

Hello, since this week I have regularly that I can’t hear the other side of the line when calling either through carrier and wifi calling. Calling through WhatsApp seems okay. Had few times that when calling regurlarly after few retries seem so work. For the avoidance of doubt, the other side doesn’t hear me either. Happens with multiple other numbers so clearly on my side. I am on latest security update.

Any ideas?

Do you have a different phone where you could use your sim to check if it’s a provider or phone problem?

I used the same SIM in a Google pixel 3A and no issues arise. Back in the FP4 neither again. Will keep an eye on issue when returns but seems that reboot had its effect… Thanks so far.

SIM cards can be fickle, a bit of dirt, slightly tarnished even a bad fit for the slot which can distort the card so the contacts are flakey.

So for now you are OK :slight_smile:
All the best

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