Since Android10 My FP3 shows "Direct Share not Available" in ASNbank app


while the ASNBank app was working fine in Android9, in Android10 I cannot use ‘betaalverzoek/tikkie’ anymore, because I cannot share the tikkie to others.

The screen shows: “Direct Share not Available”. See screenshot.

Are other dutch FP3 users (who updated to Android10) having this same problem?

Googling for it looks like it maybe needs an api change in the app, but I want to be sure it is not only me having this issue.

Thanks in advance for any info.


I would suggest reporting this to ASNBank support. They develop the app, so they’re the most likely to able able to fix it. It seems you could click copy and manually paste it by long-pressing a text field in another app and clicking Paste but that’s more a workaround.

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Thanks. Yes I already created an issue for them. So see what they will come up with.
But for me the question still remains: are other dutchies using ANSbank app (and Android 10) have this issue? Or is it just me? Support had never seen this before yet.

I am a dutchie and I am using ASNbank.
But I consider bank apps not safe enough to be used on a phone.

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My Android just recently had a software update and I’m experiencing the same message. It is not with a bank app but with a scanner file share app. I have used this app for 4 years with no issues until now. Still waiting for a solution.

Just tried it, no problems here (ASN, Android 10). Any special type of share you used?