Since A13 bluetooth thethering stops working after a while

With A11 bluetooth thethering worked like a charm. I usually kept it running as contrary to WiFi it hardly uses any power. However since the A13 update after some days it just stops working. When I go to setting and turn it on… and go out of settings and into settings again it shows off, when I click the system menu to reboot and cancel it shows on again. Anyway my laptop will not make a sucessfull connection until restarting the phone. Annoying. Anyone else experience this / has a workaround.
PS, more at Google since this is in’t FP fault, why of why on every Android version all the settings are somewhere else? This is worse than varios Windows versions. Previously turning on bluetooth tethering was 2 clicks/swipes way from home window. Now it is 5… first time took me quarter of an hour to find it again.

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