SIMs are ignored

Every reboot my fp2 missed my two sim. A new restart does. Why fp2 does not find tthese sim? Can i upload a s reen shot here? Does not work from a fp2.

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Maybe it would be best to write in your mother tongue. I’m sure there is someone here who would understand you then.

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Uploading a picture is easy (at least from a computer).
Above the text field, there is a symbol with an arrow pointing upwards. If you click on that, you can choose, if you want to upload from your device or from the web.

I am not sure, what the topic-title is meant to say. Is “h vuguvjvjvjvjvj” supposed to mean something or is it some special characters, that did not translate on my page-coding.

Do I get it right, that your second SIM is not recognized until you restart the phone?

Technically, I hope someone else can help you. But I have the feeling, that something like this has been discussed already. I will do some searching on the forum.

There are quite a few topics on SIM not being recognized by FP2.
As I have no idea, what really happens on your phone, you might check yourself:

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A topic title scrambled like the cat ran over the keyboard so innocent forum users like me really have to click/tap on the topic to find out what the [expletive] this is about.
This needs fixing now … luckily there’s a pencil icon next to the topic title so the title can still be edited :wink: .


Deja vu?


Oh, I attempted to type this in a FP2. As this website does some wanky stuff in text input it might have no come out the way I wanted and I deeply apologize if it turned gibberish.

Frequently none of both SIM cards are found after I do a restart of the FP2. Removing and replacing the battery sometimes helps. Just now I had a spectacular cell-connection, did a long press on the power button selected Restart and the SIM card were not found (crossed out SIM in the top right side). Did a new restart and the same thing. Is this a known issue with two SIM cadrs installed and the new Firmware?

You are not the only one with that problem. I had the problem with unrecognized SIM cards, too, but after I performed a factory reset because of other reasons, that problem disappeared. It seems to me that something is corrupted more and more over time.

As I do not know any other solution, you have two options: Live with it until another solution pops up (frustrating) or backup all your data and do a factory reset (even more frustrating).

The problem occurred two days after a reset. I can hardly believe it will be solved by that

At me, it didn’t occur again after the factory reset (as of now). I did my factory reset via the pre-installed TWRP.

As it is so spurious I’m not sure if this works but after removing one of the sim cards i was successful most of the time. But that says nothing as I did not try it endless number of times.

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