"Simplifying my digital life", a testimony from a Fairphone 2 user

I was reading through this week’s “This Week in F-Droid” (TWIF #28) and found an interesting read.

Mats Sjöberg writes in his blog about his experience simplifying his digital life. He emphasizes the low-level stress that today’s technology bring along, the value of personal free time and express a concern about mass surveillance. If you are curious how he lives without Google and embraces open source technologies in his Fairphone 2 running Fairphone Open and the F-Droid app store, go give it a read:

Simplifying my digital life — Mats Sjöberg - blog
Mats Sjöberg - blog - Simplifying my digital life

Edit: Oh! I just discovered he has an account here in the forum, so… thank you for sharing your experience, @sazius!


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