SIM2 problem on FP3

Thanks, yes I agree that I think the sim slots need to be replaced under
warranty as the sims, however hard pushed in, do not stay in place.
However contacting support about this issue only seems to generate
emails saying they are very busy and try to respond within 1 working day

  • however my first attempt wasn’t answered after a working week so I’ve
    raised another and am waiting…

Sorry I’m insisting, but it seems really weird that both slots would be faulty. You do need to slide the SIMs really far in, further than the edge of the battery slot, ideally with your nail. I also found it a bit difficult the first time.

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Seconded. I would love to see a close-up of the SIM cards in place and the battery in. I only have 1 SIM card in the phone, but anyway, it doesn’t need the battery to stay in place …

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Same with me, and I have 2 SIMs and a SD…

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Erica, have you seen this video on how to insert SIM cards into the FP3

and put yours in accordingly?


Thank you - the finger nail did it!

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Do both SIMs work now?

Well they are both recognised as being present, I get no signal at my
home on EE so cannot tell if one is working but I expect so since it
worked in my old phone.

Great to hear it’s al working!