SIM not recognised

New FP4, updated to latest software and android 13.
EE physical SIMs, one home, one work.

Neither SIMs able to make calls, home sim does nothing, work sim at least allows emergency calls.

Went through the online assistance, no help, logged a help message but suggests up to 9 days for a reply.

Any suggestions?


In a Fairphone 4 you only can place 1 physical SIM and 1 e-SIM.
So if you have placed 2 physical SIMs in the phone, then 1 physical SIM is in the SD-card slot.
Have a read at the support page of Set up a SIM.


No the SIMs were tried individually when i got no response from my personal SIM

How old are the SIMs?

The home one which had no response is only 2 months old, the work one which had limited response is a couple of years old.

I’m not sure if it’s clear which problem you’re having exactly. Just to clarify: Does the phone complain about not finding a SIM or does it “just” not find a mobile network?
Where are you located? In some countries it’s only possible to do emergency calls with a working SIM, in others it can be done without. This could also help to narrow down the problem.

Resolved. Tried with a 3 SIM, still no response, Fairphone have said it’s a faulty handset and are replacing it.


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