SIM cards not connecting - swap cards - then connecting

Hi, I have a FP2 getting on for 3 years old now - recently upgraded (a few weeks ago) to Android 7. I am using 2 SIM cards for 2 different service providers.

Today, the SIM cards have suddenly started playing up. When I turned on the phone, neither SIM card was connected. After trying a few things that didn’t work, I swapped the cards so that the previous card 2 was then in slot 1 and vice-versa. Both cards connected. This has now happened twice today (so right now, the original card 1 is again in slot 1 and vice-versa).

  • Has anyone else faced a similar problem?

  • Does anyone have a suggestion as to what is the root cause of the problem.

/ Michael

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How old are the SIM cards?
When it happens, what does it say in Settings -> Maintenance -> Checkup -> mobile connectivity?

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