Sim cards lose connection to the network

Hi everybody,

I am using a FP2 with two SIM Cards both German provides (e-plus for calls, slot 1, and telekom for data, slot 2). I have checked similar posts in this forum, however my problem seems to be different.

When I have both SIM cards inserted an activated, after some time, one of them loses connection to the network. I then have to deactivate and activate the respective card. Then it works again. After a few minutes, sometimes after an hour, the problem occurs again. This is very annoying, especially when my calling-card is affected. Then I can’t receive any calls and I am not even aware of it until I switch on the display to see that it lost connection.

If I take out one of the cards - either one of them - the problem disappears and the connection is stable. As soon as both of them are inserted and activated the problem occurs.
I have seen in other posts that there seems to be an issue with recently issued SIM cards by Deutsche Telekom which get killed by FP2. Both of my SIM cards are over 3 years old, so they don’t belong to that group. And my cards don’t get killed, they just loose connection.

Does anybody have a similar issue?
All the numerous other bugs FP2 has are annoying, but this one really impacts the basic usage of the phone.



You know that you always can use only one SIM at 3/4G? The other SIM then must be installed at 2G.
Because your card are over 3 years old, your problem could be related to the ‘old’ age of your card.
Getting a new card could be a solution.

Hello, I have this problem also. This can only have a sim cards 3G, I know. yet it is that needs to be logged in to new from the second sim card and or display the signal strength bars no reception. Greetings René

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How long do you have your SIMcards?
Which provider do you have and in which country do you live?

Dear Lidwien,

in my SIM card settings, I have one card selected for data. The other one for calls. Is there a way I can setup if it is 2G, 3G or 4G?
I am reluctant to ask for a new card, especially from Deutsche Telekom, as I have read in this forum that FP2 like to kill these.
EDIT: I have found the settings and will try your advice…

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Hi Lidwien,
you advice seems to be working. The phone has been stable now for over a day.
Thanks again.

I have two Lyca mobile cards one Dutch and one Belgian (as I work across the border). I have had both for about 2 years, no problem. Since a couple of weeks the Belgian card just doesn’t work in roaming. I also took it out and out it in another phone and it’s dead. Now I’m in Belgium and none of my cards are active (Belgian or Dutch). The mobile data are off, and according to earlier posts I set them on 2G anyway both. I turned the phone off, I turned the SIM-cards off, I used the SIM toolkit app.
Does anyone have any idea? Thank you in advance!

How long did they work in your FP2? 3 or 4 weeks?

The SIMs don’t do roaming or don’t do anything -no network?

At the time, I was in Belgium and they were both dead. In a couple of hours, they spontaneously started working (?). Now the SIM2 is dead in roaming, SIM1 national is working fine.
The problems started after about 2 weeks of using the phone. I seem to have more problems with roaming with both cards, and with national and roaming on SIM2.

From which provider in which country are your simcards?

Lyca mobile in The Netherlands and Lyca mobile in Belgium. Both cards are from 2014.

Switch the simcards and see if this makes any difference.

Thank you! I did switch the cards and the Belgium card in roaming still didn’t work.
Update: I’m in Germany and both my card work in roaming only with manual setup, so my problems seem to be:

  1. Automatic network selection doesn’t work in roaming, I have to setup manually for both SIM cards. Do you think this has to do with the phone?
  2. The Belgian SIM doesn’t work in the Netherlands (most likely has to do with the provider)
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1 I don’t know if it is phone of the provider.
2 Do you have on your Belgium sim a bundle you can roam with.
If so, did you actived roaming?

Yes, I can roam, and I roamed with the same SIM card since 2014. .
Update in case someone else has the same problem:

  1. Roaming on Automatic doesn’t work for neither SIMcard, so they both have to be on Manual (from the SIM toolkit apps)
  2. If in Roaming with SIM2, I have to first setup Mobile data on SIM1 (from Settings, SIMcards) then wait a few minutes and the SIM1 will activate (if I don’t set Mobile data to SIM1, SIM1 stays inactive, even if it’s not roaming). Then it can be switched to Automatic (from the SIM toolkit apps).
  3. Then I switch Mobile data to SIM2 (from Settings, SIMcards) and then SIM2 will activate. SIM2 cannot be set to Automatic if roaming, otherwise it gets inactive.
  4. If I don’t first switch the Mobile data to SIM1 and I just keep Mobile data on SIM2, neither card will activate.
    It sounds a little complicated, but at least I have both SIM cards active.

You know that you can have only one simcard at the time for data.
If simcard 1 is on 3G/4G, then simcard 2 has to be on 2G.
If simcard 1 is on 2G, then simcard 2 can be set to 3G/4G.

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I had the same problem with one German and one Dutch Sim: In Germany the Dutch sim had no connection, in the Netherlands the German Sim had no connection. I switched the slots of the cards. Now it somehow works.
But it’s annoying to always switch the 2G only/ 4G setting every time I cross the border…
Best, Paul

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