Sim card stopped registering on mobile network and then Fairphone stopped working at all

Yesterday I noticed my phone had trouble finding network after submitting pin and instead I couldn’t register my phone on mobile network. I meant to inquire if problem was related to sim card from my network carrier, but before I could do that today my phone stopped working at all. I’m quite at loss what could have happened.

I cannot even start phone to off-line mode when phone is connected to charger so I doubt it is related to battery. Previously I had to submit pin once in a while after phone had been in my pocket or even while I was using phone normally, but I could just give my pin and continue using phone after that.

Yours (phonelessly)

Sorry to hear about your problem.

Unfortunately it does sound like a hardware issue so I doubt it’s something we’ll be able to support on the forum. Not much we can suggest if it won’t switch on even when on charge.

If you have an SD card in your phone, you could see if it works if you take this out.

Otherwise I’m afraid you’ll need to contact support directly to organise a repair

Thank you for your response. I do suppose you’re right and I’ll contact support.