Sim card problem

I keep getting errors saying my sim card is not available. Problem is solved by reactivating the sim card, but still annoying to do this once a day.

Is it for FP2 or FP1?
Are you using 1 or 2 SIMs and how old is the affected SIM?

I got the FP2 last week. I am only using one som, but problem is occuring
in both slots. The affected sim is probably around 2yrs.

I have the same problem. I did the same as you, trying to disconnect and connect. The phone recognizes my contacts and my number and so, but it sais that my network is unavaliable.

I have a similar problem. In locked screen mode, at the top of the screen it constantly scrolls saying “no sim card”, but actually I have no problems connecting to my network, so the sim seems to be working. The sim card is new. Does anyone know I can solve the problem? Thanks.

If you have one SIM and the “no sim card” is displayed once than that’s perfectly normal, because you have one empty SIM slot.

Ah, I understand thanks.