SIM card option disappears

I have an issue when making voice calls. I dial the number or choose a contract and click “call button”, then the option to choose Sim card appears but disappear after a millisecond. Happens often and randomly. Annoying to have to dial again and again to make it work!


Anyone? Or am I the only one with this issue?

Sometimes this has also happened to me.
I also don’t have a clear idea when/related to which other events… Possibly it only happened after starting calls “too fast” (then sometimes calling fails then and the NEXT TIME SIM selection dialog disappeared very fast)…

You might try the following:
Reboot to have a "clean system"
Always when dialing now wait >5 seconds before choosing which SIM to use (you can find more topics related to these 5 second waiting…).
I’ve the impression that since I always wait this short time the problem hasn’t happened again…

How can I wait 5 seconds when the option disappears after 0,5 seconds?

Well, in my case after I had rebooted and started dialing the FIRST time it hadn’t disappeared so fast. If in your case it’s different then, well, you’re right, it won’t be possible :confounded:

Can anyone help me with his issue? Drives me crazy to have to dial twice every time!

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