SIM card "not present" intermitentely

For the past 6 monthes I had more and more SIM card deconnections.
Basically all of a suden I have no network ( internet & GSM). When I reboot the phone it doesn t change.
I had once this problemin 26 year with a crape Acer phone.
At first I tried cleaning my SIM card that is brand new, since I bought it especially for my Fairphone (it was supposed to make phone quality better ! Which never happened of course. Thks support).
Usually after moving the SIM card and rebooting the phone 2 or 3 times, I would get my phone back to work…except the last time !!!

It is a hardware problem, the connexion between the SIM card and the motherboard is moving.

  1. I removed the plastic sheet on the right of the phone covering the SIM card. You need a torx screw driver.
  2. Then I just pushed slightely the metalic case arround the SIM card in order to bring the SIM card closer to the mother board.
    Working for 24 hours since then


Now I hope this fix will last for ever.
Otherwise I might get a eSIM or send it back for repaire.

The good is the fairphone design let me repair it in under 5 minutes with a screw driver.
I remember the case with an old Acer phone , I had to stick a small plastic sheet to push the SIM card closer to the motherboard.

Damned just had it again.
Openned the phone and pushed even harder the metlic tray…
one time reboot
didn t work
pushed harder the tray

Doesn t seem like a good fix :frowning:

Just to mention for others that this voids warranty.

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Had to go back pushing this SIM card it has worked for 48 hours .

PS: its not about voiding guaranty… its about voiding your customers !
I had so many troubles that I never had with a samsung phone, that next time I have to return it I ll sell it on ebay.
For recall:

  • 1st phone was not working at all on phone calls. Had a replacement after several monthes of fighting.
  • 2nd phone arrived and it was working OK. But phone call quality was terrible.
  • Phone call improved 12 mothes later with the switch to 3G when receiving GSM calls. 12 mothhes to be able to receive calls normaly…
  • Recentely a person on the forum only informed me I had to remove “4G calling” which I activated in hope of a better GSM call.
    So now 2 years after I have a phone that work correctely, like if I was unboxing a samsung…
  • … and bam the SIM card disconnects !
    NO I am not sending back this phone …

Bottom line :
To me the deal with FP is :" you get a phone you can spend a little time to make it go longer "
What I got is : " spending hours just to make it work"
This would be totally OK if I was part of a beta program, testing your product before release. In reality I now always travel with a backup phone in case this one fails on me!

A positive note about the evolution of FP:

  • 1st version just a regular working phone

  • 2nd version a catastrophy for the users

  • 3rd version seemed to work OK

  • 4th version quality problems on the hardware at launch. Software average at launch.

  • 5th version : I expect this one to be the real deal. “A samsung phone you can repair”. The motherboard more integrated (smaller) should make it more reliable (avoiding such things has SIM).

Thats quite not true and just your subjective judgement and I guess you never used one.

Also the rest is just your subjective judgement. For me all versions from FP2 worked without serious issues, so my summary surely look different based on my experience, and either one is the general experience for all.

Overall please dont change this help topic into a general FP dissatisfaction topic, we have already more than one for this, so please use those to express your frustration.

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