Sim card locked after upgrade to Fairphone OS 17.04.8

After upgrade, and fairphone OS restart, it says that my sim card is locked and only emergency calls are available, on the screen to enter the pin code

I can properly enter my pin code and work with my fairphone, except of course anything like phone calls, SMS… which is quite annoying.

Anyone knows how to get out of that trouble ?



Have you tried taking the SIM out (be careful if you have the old SIM Pins) and putting it back in?

Thank you for your answer, I just realized I was wrong, phone calls work !

It was just a misunderstanding from me, I guess the message on the pin code enter screen just means that, as long as you don’t enter the pin code, you stay in emergency mode.

What troubled me was that in previous fairphone OS release, that message was not displayed.

Sorry for the noise,



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no problem :slight_smile: