Sim card FP2 doesn't fit in FP3

I just purchased the FP3; tried to place SIM card from FP2 but it doesn’t fit! Is it me?? I have the impression the FP2 SIM card is micro, for FP3 I need nano. But that was never mentioned anywhere.

You’re absolutely right.

But, yes, it is: Fairphone 3 - The phone that dares to be fair | Fairphone at ‘Network’.


You should contact your provider to ask if they are willing to send you a new nano SIM card. Be prepared that this might come with costs, sometimes significant costs (O2 Germany wants 30 Euros for this).

If it’s too expensive, you might want to visit your nearest smartphone shop and ask if they will make your micro SIM card fit by cutting it down. Be aware that this is not exactly the safest way to obtain a nano SIM card.


Last time my girlfriend ordered a new SIM, her provider sent a Multi SIM card.
It was standard size but you could easily make it smaller because they were “pre-punched” (not sure this is the right English term).

Like described here for example: Multi SIM: Nano, Micro, and Standard Sizes 3-in-1 | Vodafone


From the technical specifications of the FP3(+):

Nano SIM (4FF)

But anyway, take a closer look at your current SIM card. It might be possible that the smaller size of a Nano SIM is precut, so all you probably need to do is to peel the outer frame off…

Edit: @Ingo was faster, thanks!


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