Sim card and light of the screen flickers

My SIM card keeps disconnecting I have to reeter the sim code. I tried using other SIM card but the same thing keeps happening. I believe it´s the phone.

besides the SIM card, the light of the screem flickers. this make it very uncomfortable to read.

Please see

for workarounds

What software version are you using? This should have been fixed since 1.3.6 (if you mean the flickering at low light).

You can check your software version in
All Apps --> Updater

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If you’re not on the latest version, it would be good to know which version that you’re on, as there are some people trying to pin down whether the SIM disconnect is related to specific baseband versions (which changed from 1.4.2 onwards). Thanks!

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I updated new version OS 1.5.1 but my sSIM keeps disconnecting.

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