Silent LED Notifications

On Iphone I saw the option of a nice silent notification which was actually the blinking camera light for incoming calls.
That is also a convenient alternative even more subtle than vibration when attending a meeting.
Could this be implemented in future FP2 updates ?

Have you looked for apps that do that? This sounds like it exists already.

Thank you for this advice, found it. I thought it was a OS feature.

Can you share what app solved the problem for you? It might be interesting for other people with the same request. Thanks

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For now I decided to install the “Flash Alerts on call and sms” app.

You wouldn´t believe how many apps are out there doing the same or similar thing for flash light notification. You could spent a day on testing them.

BUT, I highly dislike apps requesting a bunch of permissions which I think are not necessary for it´s basic functionality.
So it took me some time for probing to get to this chosen one for now, it seems to be glad with only 4 permissions where the majority of apps has a nearly full list of possible permissions to request…
Maybe there are even less demanding apps of this type available which I haven´t found yet.
It offers the essential features of flash notification for calls, sms and “notifications”, that´s it. Just what I was looking for.

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