Silence incorrectly delivering encrypted MMS to O2 Fairphone2

Dear community,

we (2 Fairphoners) have a very annoying problem with sending MMS from one Signal app to another:
1st FP2 (German Vodafone) - vfp
2nd FP2 (German O2) - ofp

Sending encrypted MMS (emms) from ovp -> vfp works perfectly. The media is received and decrypted.
Sending emms from vfp -> ovp only works partly. The media is received but not encrypted. The incoming message looks like a base64 coded string - long enough that it could be the small test image sent.

Besides from that - normal SMS are working like a charm in both direction.

I’ve read a statement somewhere, that some providers are fiddling with the resolution/file size. Resulting from that, I fear the server has no idea what is coming and executes its scripts to resize the emms. Of course, the message transmitted to the end point is now destroyed.

Does someone has any idea what is happening, whether my thoughts could be correct or if there exists some way to backtrack that problem?

We appreciate any help!

Did you already file a bug report at Silence’s GitHub repository?

Sadly I can’t reproduce your problem since my wife an me both have O2 and only send encrypted SMS in situations where encrypted XMPP doesn’t work (ICE Wifi… yay).

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Could you try to send an emms in one direction? It would be interesting to know if the o2 to o2 transmission works. That would be very kind!

No account at github… -> We didn’t file a bug report.

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