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Is there something like a “sent from my Fairphone” remark that appears under for example mail messages?
Just like “sent from my iPhone” that I always see everywhere.
Would be nice to make people even more aware of FP’s existence. I don’t even know if that is done automatically, but I’d guess so?

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You can always create a signature for that purpose, but the standard Email client doesn’t come up with that by itself.
Tapatalk however does, it adds something like “sent from my FP1 with Tapatalk” to your posting.

The K9 mail clients offers mail signatures too. Default setting is IMHO “sent from my K9”, but you can set it with your own text (or disable it, as i do ;))

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The suggestion of a signature should do the trick for you, depending upon which app you are using depends how you do this, so post back if you want specific instructions.

So see how ignorant I am (but ignorance is bliss). I wouldn’t even imagine this is done through an app. Thanks!

You can also do this in the standard mail app (so you don’t need to download an other app just for the signature). You can even set a different signature for each mail account in the app. For example, I did set a “sent from my Fairphone”-signature on my personal mail, but not on my work mail…

I would not download/install another mail app just for the signature. But i would download another mail app, if i want to have a free software, which supports OpenPGP encryption (together with APG) and is not only availabel in the Google Play Store but also on F-Droid and the developers website.
These are some of the reasons, i use K9. :wink:

Stenbuk: you might as well write in Chinese :slight_smile: Your post is abracadabra to me. I have no idea what OpenPGP is, or APG, F-Droid, and K9. Would that help me (if I had an idea)?

@Maryamu : you might want to read this post of mine: It gives some details about F-Droid including some other useful apps you can find in the appstore.

I am also using K9 Mail now as my mail-app because it is more practical than the no longer updated stock Android mail app and it also looks more beautiful to me.

Generally there are many Fairphone users who want to escape Google & Co. and seek open source alternatives which don’t limit their users or collect massive amounts of data.

@Stefan: thanks! Yes I heard about the open source alternatives and should look more into that. Thanks for the explanation!

OpenPGP is an (the) encrypton standard/protocol. APG is the app, which let you encrypt mails on android and K9 is one of the mail apps, which works with APG and gives you the possibility to encrypt your mails if you want or need to.
F-Droid is a “Play-Store alternative”. If you are looking for free and/or open source apps for your android device, this should be one of your first addresses. :wink:

I think it is really important to have ‘sent from my Fairphone’ signature, (although I would delete that from another make).

If ithis phrase goes to email signature, it may travel to other devices, which would miss the point.

Please provide step by step guidance so that I can add ‘sent from my fairphone’ at the bottom of my sent emails sent from my fairphone only.

Thank you

This is a further means of publicing fairphone and should not be missed.

Unfortunately I cannot tell the way it is with the default Mail app, or with GMail. This is the procedure for K9-Mail:

K-9 Mail > [long press on your account] > Account settings > Write message > Manage identities > [click on your identity (usually “Standard Identity”)].

In the resulting menu you can modify your signature.

I have the FP in Dutch, but I will try to give the guidance in English…

  1. go to e-mail app
  2. left button => preferences
  3. go to the mail account for which you want to set the signature
  4. go to “Signature”
  5. type something like “>>Sent from my FairPhone -

Be ware that the app puts your signature right under the text of your e-mai. So I would advise to add a few enters to your signature, before the text.

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To talk about email signatures in general, follow this link:

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