Signal app: no notification for incoming message

I installed the Signal app as alternative to Whatsapp, but have a problem. The notification (sound) for an incoming message only appears when I open the app, which is of course useless. So I have to manually keep checking if I have new messages. Does anyone recognize this problem? I cannot figure out if there are any configurations I might have missed.

As far as I know you have to set notification at two places.
In the app Signal in the settings of Signal itself and and in the app Settings, the overall settings of the phone.


And signal must not be battery optimized. This will stop it from receiving notifications while not active


I found that and set the notifications exactly the same as for Whatsapp, but still Signal behaves differently.

Where do I find those settings?

You go into settings, Apps & Notification (translated from German), show all # apps, look for signal, extended, battery, battery optimization


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