Signal app in combination with headphone jack adapter

Hi everybody

I need some help. I got a brand new Fairphone 4 and facing the following problem: when I connect the original headphone jack adapter into the phone, plus a wired headset, the volume input from my side is extremely low, so that the other person i talk to cannot hear me. I wonder if its a problem you guys are aware of. Maybe somebody out there who can tell me which headphone jack adapter works with signal?

Thanky for any kind of help in advance.

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Do you have the latest update installed? See Software Update: Fairphone 4 FP3W.A.0128.20220516. One of the changes is “Improved performance of microphone in Signal app.”

Thank you for replying. I installed the newest update you mentioned. It really improved the microphone in signal. For example: making a phone call in signal and turning on the loudspeaker (handsfree mode) works now like a charm (was problematic before because of whistling noise). My problem with the adapter and wired headset still persists unfortunately.

Can you by any chance try with a different handset? There is a possibility that the mic might by faulty. Alternatively, can you try connecting the headset with the adapter to another phone? If it’s problematic on another phone, it could indicate that the adapter is defective.

However, if the problem persists only on you FP4, then it would be best to #contactsupport, as this is definitely not the correct behavior. Especially when you’re using their official adapter. I doubt that it would be noticeably different with any other adapter.

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Thanks for your help. I tested different headsets. Mic is working properly. I already reached out to the support but did not get a reply yet. Waiting for 10 days. Kinda disappointed. I think I bought the wrong phone…

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