Show new posts in mail app and social apps

Hi, guys!

I really like Fp, and also Kola nut. But why isn’t it possible to see how many new mails or posts in Facebook you have, just looking at the app? Other versions of Android has that.


Well the Fairphone Launcher just doesn’t have this function.
If you really want it you could get another launcher, like Buzz Launcher. It displays unread texts and emails as well as missed calls with the icons. Unfortunately the Counter for eMails just works with the standard app, not with K-9 Mail.
Another option - wich I use - is to download Dashcklock Widget. It’s a free Clock-Widget that - with free plugins/extentions - shows notifications similiar to the notifications panel you get from sliding down from top of the screen. It’s a great way to see missed calls, recieved emails and texts as well as weather information and more right on the homescreen.

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