Should we have an interesting links topic per language?

:de: Die Aufsplittung der “Interesting Links” nach Sprachen wirkt meines Erachtens dahingehend, die Sprachlosigkeit zwischen nationalen Communities zu befördern. Gar keine gute Sache. Jetzt gibt sich auch niemand mehr Mühe, zumindest ein paar Punkte aus einem nicht englischsprachigen Text für die anderen zusammenzufassen.

:gb: Splitting up “Interesting Links” by languages works to reduce communication between “national communities” in the whole Fairphone community. No good thing at all. Now people are even less incentivized to at least summarize a few essential points from non-English texts for others.


If there are some really revolutionary news, a discussion will evolve and a new topic will be started (see Fairphone 3 - Interview of Bas from FrAndroid). Or the news will be in media in all kind of languages. No problem from my point of view, but maybe the other @moderators can weigh in too. :slight_smile:

I can’t read German (for the moment) and such I won’t watch a topic that is full of German things I can’t really read. I could however watch Spanish, English and French topics, and I prefer that granularity.

You have a point with the summarizing thing, though, but I don’t feel it’s the way people have share links until today.

By the way, I am certainly not the first one to notice this: The other day I tried to add the Dutch flag to the “Interesting Links …” topic title. It wasn’t possible (3 flags maximum) and now makes me think if it would have been more inviting in this case to drop the flags from this topic title altogether.

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I noticed it yesterday trying to add the Spain flag (although you all already know that I dislike using flags for languages… 📊 Language Tags - “Final” Vote). In fact, the thing is that titles shouldn’t have language-indicators in the first place, but IIRC they are needed because of emoji tags not being rendered in older devices (because Discourse doesn’t support emoji in tags, anyway).

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