Should I purchase a Fairphone?

I wonder in what situation this happens? many websites praised the battery life of the pixel 6 explicitly in their reviews. others criticised it heavily. Maybe i belong to the lucky majority who doesn’t have a problem :slight_smile:

The problem is believed to be with the modem, people even have problems when the phone is in airplane mode. Hopefully they will fix it soon. Anyway, let’s not dive into it too much. This is a Fairphone forum.

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Let’s get back on topic - should you purchase a Fairphone? Yes, I just discovered an awesome feature of Fairphone 4 - you can connect an external display to the USB-C port and use Desktop mode. Unfortunately my current phone Mi Mix 2S does not support it.


Pixels also don’t support this, because they want you to buy a Chromecast. Indeed a great +


And I was thinking about buying a Pixel after announcement of the new chip. I’m glad I didn’t.

Another plus is the replaceable battery, having a backup battery is so much easier than a battery pack. Especially when you’re on the go, holding a phone and battery pack simply sucks.

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It’s a phone. If the ‘fair’ bit means more than the phone, then yes, what choice do you have. Pay more so that another may not be exploited so ruthlessly or save your money.

Maybe Fairphone could have made it somewhere else other than China, I would have liked that and paid more, but the phone, well it’s just a phone.

Invest in a phone or invest in being fair, there’s no ‘should’ about it, just a matter of priority.


I would buy a Fairphone if…

  1. it had better specs. simply put, i would keep a phone longer if it was more future-proof. and yes, i’m willing to pay more for a flagship

  2. wasn’t made in China. i’m glad that FP is improving the lives of its factory workers but it’s also undeniable that they’re paying taxes to an authoritarian government that is committing all sorts of injustices. the gravity of this problem should be made very clear by the atrocities being committed in Ukraine. when (and not if) China decides to follow in Russia’s footsteps and invade Taiwan, is FP ready to pull out of china like most western businesses did in Russia ? or is it going to wait and hope the world becomes complicit with the war like it is starting to do with Ukraine ?

I get that China is a major part of the cell phone supply chain, but to be truly fair and ethical, minimizing Chinese involvement in the equation should be a top priority. and again, i’m willing to pay more to make that happen


Hi and welcome.

Whereas I agree with your sentiment there is no other ‘Fairer’ phone.

Avoiding China ~ not likely but it is made in Taiwan
Fairtrade gold ~ no other option

So although the regime may not be likeable, i also avoid a lot of other countries, but the miners come first, then the factory workers then my pickiness.

But if your heart is not in it then definetly don’t buy a Fairphone. I’m sure you can find other focus.

Future proof ???

We are consumers, if we don’t like the supply chain we could not consume, but we are consumers so we choose the best supply can we can ~ Fairphone ~ there is no other :slight_smile:


Not buying something from Apple is already a good thing - buying Fairphone is even better!

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“More” is a relative term :slight_smile:
(Chassis still from China, Wi-Fi from India, and most probably not the specs you have in mind)

Given @lordaiur concerns with authoritarian governments it may help to put focus on
a) Modi’s (India) tendency to ramp up Hindu identity
b) The Dictatorial Democratic Government of the UK but here I am on the same little island as Boris the Brazen Buffoon

It’s all a bit of a circus, some carry the whip some roll in the sawdust/sun, sea, sand and sangria . . .

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This is pretty much true for the most “democratic” countries. The USA is an even more extreme example than UK.

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I mean, if we’re talking about the environment/morals here, isn’t Apple second only to Fairphone?

And that’s coming from someone that went from a Google Pixel/Iphone 8 combo to my Fairphone 4.

But only if you install a degoogled OS on your Fairphone. Keep this in mind

Regarding this you can search for “Apple Foxconn scandal”. There you find for example:

Apple is a bit better at longevity than others but I still regard this company as one of the big evil.

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Oh I’ve read all about that already. All I’m saying is that if Fairphone is number 1, then Apple is a very (very) distant number 2.

If you know of another company that would fit in right below Fairphone, please enlighten me. I’m genuinely curious to see if there’s a competitor to Fairphone, at all.

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You could check out:

But they focus more on highspec phones and shorter cycles, so Fairphone is better regarding protecting our environment.


Teracube is also a competitor in the social-conscious segment of smartphones, but they mostly focus on environmental impact over supply chain fairness. They also fall short on specs, not even beating the FP3 in many regards. Ignoring specs, I’d say they’re on-par with Apple while Fairphone (and maybe Shiftphone, idk) surpass them.

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You could have a look here as well…

They also sell a ‘regular’ version, and other OS options are available to.