Should I get a Fairphone 3 or 3+?

My FP2 has given up the ghost after 4.5 years (bottom module again!) and I’m looking to upgrade. I’m trying to decide whether to get the FP3 or FP3+. I’m leaning towards the FP3 just because it’s cheaper, but was wondering if there are any glaring issues with the FP3, or anything great about the FP3+ that I should know about before deciding.

Any advice would be very gratefully received. Thanks!

No major diffs.

The FP3+ has a modified core module which provides a 2Db increase in audio for the upgraded hands free speaker. The front camera is 16Mpx rather than 8Mpx which is an improvement but the back camera still only produces 12Mpx as the 48Mps is a bayer (i.e. 4 x 12)

Currently though the Fairphone site only has FP3 so you’d be looking somewhere else for an FP3+

Have you thought about a new bottom module @Leo_TheCrafter is collating an order to produce a new batch, with a USBC port. Leo is also closing down the offer within a week so not that long for you to decide.


Thanks for the help! The availability might be the clincher then. I saw the bottom module post but I’m not handy with that sort of thing. I’d rather get an FP3 and sell the old FP2 for parts to someone who knows what they’re doing :slight_smile:

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Make sure to set up your SD card as portable storage in the new phone (not phone storage which causes all sorts of issues).



Supporting @urs_lesse advice, the term used in English is ‘Internal’ > to be avoided.

See also

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Let’s also mention the FP3+ has more recycled plastics than the FP3 (due to the backcover).


For reference here’s the comparison page with the detailed comparison PDF again …


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