Should I buy bottom mod from FP web?

Hi, I am in North of England. Sent @Chris_R a message but not got a reply yet (which is okay, we all get busy). Wanted to know if there is an alternative to purchasing bottom module from Fairphone website (to reduce costs as I am counting each £ presently).
My microphone is not functioning, (it did start working but with lots of wind and crackle), it has stopped working again. Also for a few days no sound was coming out (you tube, apps, etc).

I think my best option is to buy a new bottom module. Any top tips or additional advice welcome.
Thank you.

Hi Alice

Apologies, I thought I’d responded. I’ve been on holiday and out the country, but still I remember typing a response.

It might be the bottom module that needs replacing but it would be difficult to be certain without testing with a replacement. My concern was about the red blotches. I’m not really around this week but happy to meet up again to see what’s what. Or the alternative is to just get the replacement part and see. I don’t have a spare unfortunately.


Thanks for the reply.
The red blotches were there when you did the teardown and clean up last time. Probably a result of being wet I suspect. Blotches are in top and bottom mods.
I’ll order a bottom (snigger snigger), and report back in a few weeks. Enjoy your trip (holiday I hope). Thanks.

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