Should I buy a new Fairphone3?

Since my FP3 feel in the water and all the repaircentres are shut down I am thinking of buying a new one. But: looking at the FP3 topics: so many problems! should I really buy a new one?

Simple: If you were content with it, buy it again.

If not, look for a particular other smartphone you would like to have, then look for dedicated community forums covering this smartphone, and then looking at those forums … so many problems :wink: .

For a quick check just do an internet search with the name of the desired smartphone + “problem”.

You can run into trouble with any smartphone, and troubles are accumulated in the internet, where people seek help.
People without any trouble rarely post how well it all works for them. And who would want them all clogging up the forums anyway :slight_smile: ?

With your approach you can’t win.


Is your FP3 irreparable broken? Does it still turn on? or just certain parts do not work anymore?

You could also get in contact with a Fairphone angel near you to try fix your FP3 before buying a new one. Check on the map and write them an e-mail:,9.052734375000002&zoom=5&show=angels,events

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Thanks for your quick resonses, I already was in contact with customer service. Due to lockdown in France the repaircentre is closed. No idea how long I have to wait for repair. So I have no phone at the moment, a bit of a problem…
And I posted a help question about my problem…there seems to be no waterwiki for FP3

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I undertand your frustration. Do you have an old phone you could use in the meantime until your Phone gets fixed? Or a friend of yours could lend you one?

As described above. If you were content with the phone, you need it immediately and have no alternative phone to use until it is fixed, you can consider buying a new one. You can also sell or give your broken one away for free. Someone can try fix it or use the parts which still work

As I understand it, there is no difference between smartphones regarding the #waterwiki.
So, all the information in the waterwiki is valid for your FP3 as well.
@schilyv was not referring to FP support, but to the Fairphone’s special community support #fairphoneangels, i.e. users in your area, that might be able to help with problems; e.g. by switching modules to locate errors.

And you can find some information on iFixIT as well:

Finally, there are repaircafes in many european cities, where you might find assistance as well.
Or do a search with the term “repaircafe”.


I think it is not helpful right now to keep both topics open. In my opinion the other topic is the one that should be continued and this one should be closed.

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I agree with @urs_lesse