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What is happening that FP charges 99 pounds to ship to the UKfor any spare part? Is it a joke or Brexit side effect? Sorry, I just don’t find it funny.

Where did you find that? If I add a battery for the FP2 to the shopping cart for example, it shows me 6,50€ as shipping costs.
Sorry it switched back to ‘Netherlands’ as destination, now I got £9.50 for the UK.

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I get 99 if I order the screen…

and a massive VAT. You have to proceed all the way to checkout to see it

This is the final page of the checkout before actually confirming the order when I try to do the same:

I even tried if shipping changes if I put 10 displays in the cart – it was still £9.50.


Could you please send a screenshot? As I’m not living in the UK, I can’t go all the way through the order process.

Here you are, I have no other shipping option to choose

Have you got a shipping address in mainland UK? Or is it on an offshore island etc.?

When I try to replicate your order, I don’t get the £99.00 shipping (I still get £9.50). And the other difference is that I am not shown your “Shipping (Standard – Not possible)”, but “Shipping (Standard - UPS Standard)” instead.

What I am shown

Hi Urs, no, my address is on mainland UK, close to Edinburgh

Maybe I have to re-type my address

OK, retyping the address does not work (still high price) but buying it as a guest works and gives the price of 9.50 pounds for shipping.
Thank you for all your help


You don’t use a payment method that might be linked to an address outside of Fairphone’s shipping area, do you? These checkout systems sometimes try to encourage you to equate shipping and billing address, and this might be a way how this could happen.


The £99.00 shipping has to be a bug in the shop-system/website.
Shipping costs - to whatever supported destination - are never that high:

The only explanation I could think of, would be the inclusion of customs; as taxes are a separate position on the bill.
But even that is more than unlikely, as customs would be much more than the price of the good (i.e. more than 150%).

That’s why I still go for bug.

No, same shipping and billing and payment address

that is why Brexit was my first though, hey ho

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