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As I bought my FP3 last year and my new camera modules last month, one annoying thing was that I had to pay relatively expensively for express shipping. I would much rather have saved a few quid by delaying the delivery by a couple of days, but also I’d prefer the lower carbon footprint of normal delivering options. Is this something FP could look into?

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Fairphone actually has limited choices here. The tricky thing is the battery in the phone which EU law deems as an “hazardous good” (read: it can bloat and explode). I think this rules out slower shipping options, at least for all shipments including or solely consisting of a battery.

As Fairphone has actually made some progress with regard to reducing the air freight share of their delivery chain (China factory → Tilburg warehouse in NL), I recently suggested further options within Europe here:


I guess, it’s a question of contract, services and options.
Most likely DHL Express is offering important services like tracking, insurance etc. at a special rate to business customers. And most likely they are sending “GoGreen” with Express as well (i.e. compensation of greenhouse gas emissions through financing climate protection projects). I know, it’s best of all second best to not producing the gasses.

Yeah, probably ain’t the biggest problem. Would be nice to have some environmental-friendly way to get it shipped though, as you mentioned @urs_lesse! Nice that FP have done exactly that in their supply chain.

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